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Nailah Franklin update: body found,0,4263224.story?coll=sns-technology-headlines This site, called “”, has a good profiling approach to this case and several others:

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Woman FOUND in Cascades National Park, Washington

Deputies appear to be close to finding a woman missing in Cascades National Park, Washington. A note has been found where she says she is heading downstream.

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Utah's Cleverley found dead, probably from a fall when hiking at Bridalveil falls, Provo

More here.  Police are still looking into foul play as possible, but it now appears unlikely that she was murdered or abducted.

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Missing Person Action plan

This article from Utah has tips for missing person action: Info box: In case of a missing person – Contact law enforcement as soon as possible – Contact friends and family for information and to help in search effort – … Continue reading

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Woman found alive after 2 weeks in Wallowa Mountains of Oregon

Amazing survival story here

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Steve Fossett, American adventurer, missing in Nevada

Story is here Fossett was likely lost after takeoff from a ranch 30 miles south of Yerington NV and flying in the area south of that point.   Here’s a Google map of that area.

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