Mountain Locator Units

Two very recent and high profile search and rescues on Mount Hood, Oregon have become part of the debate over whether to require mountain climbers to carry Mountain locator units when hiking in potentially dangerous areas – usually at high elevations on prominent mountains like Mount Hood.

This CNN story summarizes some of the issues in the debate over Mountain Locator Units.

I’d suggest that a simple experiment should be run – require the locators in several areas for a year and analyze the results.    This test should either support or discredit several concerns of climbing groups such as whether there is overuse the devices, puttin a strain on limited SAR resources and whether there are more accidents caused by a “false sense of security” some suggest the mountain locator units will provide to climbers.

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  1. Fools Gold says:

    A few advertisements in sporting publications with the models wearing the locators might help and a program to voluntarily provide the locators at outiftters in the vicinity of Mt. Hood might help.

    I don’t think legislation will help as much as simply having them at the trail head or something like that.

    Think how bicycle helmets were suddenly everywhere once they were cheap and readily available.

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