Georgia 6 Year old missing (update:murdered) in non-parental abduction. $25,000 reward.

Details on a missing Georgia boy are HERE

update: Found murdered 

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  1. glenn says:

    Update. Suspect arrested in missing boy case. Still no sign of child – missing 5 days now.,2933,258495,00.html

  2. Fools Gold says:

    Conflicting data.
    Some admissions of parts of the crime but refusal to make further admissions.
    Doesn’t look good.

  3. glenn says:

    Unfortunate for the kid and family. Today you cannot be too careful. At least in Florida is looks like the scumbag Couey is going to get what he deserves…but it will probably take forever!,2933,258690,00.html

    I am a pretty big supporter of LE but they really messed up with Lunsford case! Just glad they were able to find him guilty.

  4. glenn says:

    It is very much looking like the little boy is dead. What is wrong with people? Hate to make a comment about the gene pool – but this is just sick and the parents help cover it up!,2933,258710,00.html

    These predators shouldn’t be allowed back into our communities – PERIOD!

    A kid can’t even go one block from his house to play on a swing anymore!

  5. Fools Gold says:

    Its not an Ozzie and Harriet world and often some of these kids referred to as ‘runaways’ are more aptly described as ‘throwaways’. Many foster parent situations are warehousing a kid for the money. Many social workers are as dedicated as the parents who threw the kid away in the first place.

    In Lunsford, the sheriff was focusing on squiggly lines relating to questions about forty year old incidents that took place four states away, but was not focused on the house forty yards away where she was held for several days and then buried alive.
    And ofcourse in Oregon the FBI looked at one girl’s computer and started mumbling stuff about ‘models’ and ‘internet’ while all the teenage girls in the neighborhood were saying ‘that creep who stares at our boobs each morning’. Guess who turned out to be right?

    The jury awarded Couey death-row safety instead of the Ad-Seg that a general population designation would have given him, so he gets free room and board and an average extended life span of ten years over someone of his same age and health who lives out on the streets or in a nursing home.
    Plus he gets a million dollar appeal automatically… but there is no money for monitoring of offenders by gps equipped anklebracelets.

    Its not an Ozzie and Harriet world except in the courtrooms and policy manuals.

  6. Fools Gold says:

    Yellow tape placed around corpse found near local airport about one mile from home. Corpse identity confirmed according to local news crew.

  7. glenn says:

    As they say FG – it is a criminal’s justice system!

    Very sad about the boy. All involved should be charged with murder.

  8. Fools Gold says:

    All four will be charged though its not yet certain what can be proven against which of them.

  9. glenn says:,2933,259401,00.html

    Joe I wonder if they are using FLIR in their search efforts for this Boy Scout

  10. JoeDuck says:

    Glenn – at end of story it said this:

    A Highway Patrol helicopter equipped with an infrared sensor that can detect body heat was sent to assist the search.

  11. glenn says:

    The parents and the son are being charged with capital murder and they are seeking the death penalty against all three!

    It seems the father was a molester as well. Sick people and hopefully this will put an end to their sick ways!

  12. glenn says:

    Update on this case…more information in the press.,2933,260421,00.html

    I have no idea how a father can read what these people did to his son and somehow remain in control. Now this poor family has relieve the disgusting details of how their son was tortured, molested and strangled for weeks or months while these scumbags get their day in court!

    It just doesn’t seem right we treat pure evil this way.

    This absolutely has to be one of the worst cases I have ever even heard of.

    To top it off, 3 days before the abduction George Scumbag EdenField was in court pleading guilty to a charge relating to his sexual offender status and he received probation. I wonder if the judge had the leeway to put him behind bars on the 5th of March. Could be yet another case of a liberal judge letting this type of scum back on our streets to threaten our defenseless children.

    Does anyone know who the judge was and their record?

  13. Lucas says:, how do you do it??

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