12 year old girl abducted in Tacoma, WA

Update: Zinna Linnik’s body was found and it is very likely she was murdered by her abductor.

Zinna Linnik, abducted July 4th by man in Gray Van with license including 1677.

CANCELLED: Amber Alert from Code Amber CANCELLED

Time is of the essence in cases like this so if you are in Tacoma area keep eyes out for van and report sightings here:

Police ask that anyone with information on the case call Crimestoppers of Pierce County at 253-591-5959.

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8 Responses to 12 year old girl abducted in Tacoma, WA

  1. Fools Gold says:

    I’d check all the convenience stores and gas stations….
    ain’t nobody going to do a crime like this unless he has a full tank of gasoline and he probably needed some “Dutch courage” so sales of alcohol at a convenience store might be interesting footage.

  2. JoeDuck says:

    In UK the highways cam systems track license numbers and can follow vehicles around much of the country. Here we actually have, in some cases, sophisticated computer routines to *scramble* license numbers when the transportation depts collect them throug their routine road cam to protect privacy.

    There are pros and cons, but this girl would possibly be home safe if we had advanced license monitoring here as in UK.

  3. Fools Gold says:

    In the UK there was a program to have continuity of coverage so as to track particular vehicles if needbe. The cameras were designed to be high quality and the computer programs were designed to predict travel and pre-load an image for comparison.

    In the Tacoma situation it would be a hodgepodge of independent cameras with their primary purpose being the monitoring of cashiers and cash registers. Poor quality video, often poorly aimed cameras and recordings usually made onto videotapes that have already been used several times.

    It is easier to film and analyze a license plate than a face. Vehicle orientation is often known (lane of travel, parallel to gas pump, etc.), plate location is known, color backgrounds known. Whereas a persons height and direction of travel as well as direction of gaze may not be known.

  4. Fools Gold says:

    15,000 reward offered.
    Not likely to help much, given the nature of the crime and the time that has elapsed.

  5. Fools Gold says:

    A tip of very high quality shifted the search to a rugged hiking area criss-crossed with multiple trails and vehicle parking areas.

    Route would have been twenty miles north on the I-5 past over a dozen cameras then through a tunnel and eastward for 17 miles past several cameras to exit 17 for Tiger Mountain parking area. Two ‘choke points’ where traffic would have been slow and limited to two lanes.

    Convicted sex offender arrested, older van with recently changed plates seized.

  6. so just to let you know… there is a rumor going around that the girl was found in New York…
    and that she was kidnapped to use as a organ doner but the docter doing the oppertation reported her..

  7. Fools Gold says:

    What absolute utter nonsense that is …

  8. Fools Gold says:

    Body found in Pierce county based on information supplied by Person of Interest who had been informed of purported results of dna tests of panties found in his residence.

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