Woman found alive after 2 weeks in Wallowa Mountains of Oregon

Amazing survival story here

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3 Responses to Woman found alive after 2 weeks in Wallowa Mountains of Oregon

  1. Fools Gold says:

    One significant point seems to be that the area had been previously searched but some felt inadequately searched. Was this due to difficulty of the terrain or the use of untrained volunteers?

    I think the ‘scale back’ was timely considering the age of the missing person, the lack of food, clothing, etc.

    When do people learn about ‘do not separate’ and to carry survival gear. Personal survival gear such as whistle, matches, etc. Talking to ravens? What if there had been a lull in the conversation and the rescuers had walked on by?

  2. Fools Gold says:

    Its things like this that make it even more difficult for search coordinators to call a halt to searches. These ‘outlier’ survival stories have an emotional impact and now every elderly missing person in a rugged area without adequate clothing or equipment will be expected to survive.

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