Missing man in Portland

More here from FOX with picture.  This is a terminally ill man who may be disoriented.   Last seen at the Multnomah branch of the library.

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  1. terry wagar says:

    In portland oregon, Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson are in A Murder conspiracy together.
    And Clackamas Walmart are acttively helping them by hideing Eric’s employment there from me and my family.
    For over A year now Eric Carlson has been going by the name gashel, last name unknown by me, he dyed his hair black, and Walmart agreed to hide his Identity from my daughter, who also worked at that store.
    Joan and Eric have friends in Authority protecting Joan and Eric from prosecution.
    I have reported this repeatedly to the Authority’s and they are ignoring Joan and Eric’s CONSPIRACY.
    I would be more than happy to Testify to this but the Authority’s are covering this up so my testimony would simply dissapear.
    My name is Terry Wagar and Im backing up these charges.
    Nomatter how many people Joan and Eric poisoned the Authority’s here in portland Oregon refuse to arrest them.
    Im making these charges public because of the blatent coverup of these charges.
    why is Walmart hideing A BodyDouble?

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