Family *FOUND* in California Wilderness

A father and 3 children are missing in snowy forest land in Northern California.     The family was cutting their Christmas Tree on Sunday and appear to have gotten lost in the woods.   Their truck has been found and search is underway, but heavy snow and bad weather are hampering search efforts.

CNN Reports 

News from California SAR

The SAR teams do not want additional volunteers due to bad weather – they fear more could be lost.    One of the party is reported to be experienced with outdoor survival skills, so hopefully the group stuck together and created a shelter.   They had coats and temperatures, though cold, could be survivable with adequate shelter and water.

Map:   The general area appears to be the ghost town of Inskip, CA, Google map HERE

ABC News reports that Butte County SAR is searching cabins in the area where the family may have sought shelter.  

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  1. Ben says:

    “CNN Reports (NOTE – they are incorrectly reporting the location as NORTH of Sacramento when it is SOUTH, near Chico, CA).”

    Chico, CA is about 83 miles NORTH of Sacramento. The area in question is northeast of Chico in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

  2. Tommo says:

    CNN reports they have been found, apparently little the worse for wear.

  3. JoeDuck says:

    Found all alive!

    Ben – thanks for correction, I’ve changed it above..

  4. FoolsGold says:

    No winter clothing, no survival gear, no signalling equipment, no fire-starting equipment. When snow started they knew they would have limited travel time and so found some rudimentary shelter at the base of a tree and then later in or on a culvert with a small stream. Canibalized their soaking outer clothing.
    Most had rather severe frostbite when found, but no real fear of amputation being necessary, just painful as re-oxygenated tissue senses what nearby tissue did not survive.
    Helicopter was making final pass enroute back to its base as low fuel and poor visibility forced it to end its search when pickup truck was spotted and ‘help’ was written in snow with twigs and discarded clothing.

  5. Dan says:

    Well, at first this doesn’t seem like a relevant story, but for me it has the same appeal as the James Kim story: a man vs. nature plot, multiple victims – one of them dead – and a mystery about how the whole thing happened, along with a natural suspicion that the victim’s own poor decisions caused the disastrous results. I’m writing of course about the Christmas Day fatal tiger-mauling at the San Francisco zoo.

    Does anyone have any theories about what happened? I suspect that Carlos Sousa and his two friends where throwing things at the tigers then Carlos climbed over the fence and dangled his leg over the wall. The tiger leaped up and managed to sink its claws into Carlos’ foot, then climbed up Carlos’ leg and over the wall. It may then have given Carlos the fatal bite to the neck while being shouted at and struck by Carlos’ two friends. Then it attacked one of the friends and chased the other one to the Cafe.

    Well, hopefully more will be revealed in the next few days!

  6. FoolsGold says:

    Lets face it, if the tigers could have ambled out they would have done it long ago. It had to take some sort of intervention such as provoking them to attack to suddenly get them to leap a wall they were never desperate enough to leap before.
    A mysterious footprint is being investigated.

    Tiger by the tail? Whatever it was, it wasn’t the tiger’s fault. I don’t fault the police though, they can’t stop and get the tiger’s version first.

    I think its a signage issue: the inside of the tiger cage should have a sign saying Do Not Jump Wall When Being Angered By Drunken and Foolish Tormentors.

  7. Dan says:

    Moat wall was only 12 1/2 feet tall!

    If Carlos straddled the wall, his foot might have been only 10 feet above the bottom of the moat. I would guess that a Siberian tiger could probably reach that high standing on its hind legs without even bothering to jump! Definitely some boneheaded decisions were made by all involved.

  8. FoolsGold says:

    Three young men out on Christmas Eve. No girlfriends? Probably a wee bit of booze flowing freely all day long and far into the night. Cell phones may show some unusual photos! Lets face it: None of them are known to be animal lovers or zoo volunteers or the like. So why were they at the tiger cage to begin with? A little hijinx perhaps?

  9. FoolsGold says:

    Hhmmm… early reports by zoo personnel were that the victims were mental cases and this is the attitude the police initially adopted until perhaps one of the zoo employees said that the mentally deranged person claiming to have been bitten by a tiger had deep puncture wounds on his head.

  10. FoolsGold says:

    Apparently the transition from nutcase to animal-attack victim did not take more than a few minutes, but it created confusion and paramedic perimeter holds.

  11. Dan says:


    “The San Francisco Zoo was dangerously short-staffed and generally unprepared for an emergency on Christmas Day when a tiger escaped and killed a 17-year-old visitor, according to a report by the independent group that accredits zoos.”

    “The report was released today by zoo officials, who said the Association of Zoos and Aquariums was impressed by the zoo’s actions after a 243-pound tiger named Tatiana escaped, killing Carlos Sousa Jr. and injuring two of his friends. The survivors – San Jose brothers Kulbir and Paul Dhaliwal – have said they will sue over the attack.”

    “But the report highlights many problems at the zoo: Most employees had been sent home before the zoo closed; a security supervisor didn’t believe initial reports that a dangerous animal had escaped; and a zookeeper responding to the incident couldn’t find keys needed to access a shotgun.”

    “The detailed account – the first so far from zoo officials – also says a zoo employee from the ice rink narrowly missed being attacked by the tiger after it stalked the Dhaliwal brothers to a cafe, where it mauled them again before being fatally shot by police.”

    Tiger mauling final report (PDF):

    Article summarizing the final report:

  12. Miguel Matthews says:


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