Steve Fossett ID and money found by California Hiker. UPDATE: Plane Wreckage Found

Update:  CNN Reports plane wreckage found, may be Fossett’s Plane

A hiker and locals, apparently from the Mammoth Lakes area of California, have found ID, money, and a jacket that appear to be from missing aviator Steve Fossett who was flying in this area almost a year ago. The items were found Monday according to the hiker.


I’m really confused about this turn of events because it does not add up that Fossett survived the crash only to fail to create enough of a ground footprint to be found. Fossett was one of the most advanced adventurers in the world and it seems he would have been able to create signals visible for hundreds of miles. I’m thinking this is either a hoax by the hikers (my top choice), or an indication Fossett’s death is indeed mysterious. Why would he not leave a crystal clear trail?

Here is the full story which includes this:

Tattered and crumpled on the ground, the Mammoth Lakes local found what appears to be two FAA cards that listed the name Steve Fossett, both were apparently either issued or had some sort of connection to the State of Illinois. The two cards were found with a small amount of money and not far away, a sweat jacket, also a bit worn and beaten up from the weather.

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14 Responses to Steve Fossett ID and money found by California Hiker. UPDATE: Plane Wreckage Found

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  2. FoolsGold says:

    It does not appear to be a hoax and a minority of the people viewing images for searching did think he went over the border into California, most thought Mud Flats near Hawthorne due to ranch hand’s last known sighting but ranch hand was paying attention to his cell phone call to his girlfriend.

    He was experienced at survival techniques so I wonder what went wrong. He knew how to signal and how to find water.

  3. Diogenes says:

    The eastern sierra is very rugged unforgiving country. It has been know to take decades for missing aircraft to be found, usually quite by accident.

  4. FoolsGold says:

    Yes. Several previously unlocated crash sites were found during the intensive search for Steve Fossett.

    The search was first carried out close to the airport and then moved to focus on the Lucky Boy Mine area, Nine Mile Ranch to Mud Flats near Mt. Grant. These were based on statements by a ranch hand familiar with the plane and its last known position.

    One searcher kept suggesting the mono lake area.

  5. chip says:

    ok, so his plane could well have crashed there. It seems strange that the first things to turn up are ID’s, cash and a sweatshirt. And the cash and ID’s were right next to a trail. You would think wreckage would be found first.

  6. cglrcng says:

    There is something on Mammoth Mountain, looks like a plane,about 9400 ft in elevation in the wooded area on the flat spot on the ridge directly above the Horseshoe Lake parking area (37 37’08.60N~119 01’23.32W). Said area is about a 3 mile walk/hike directly east & up a thousand feet approx. of where it was reported that the hiker found the cards & money (Red’s Meadow and the Red’s Meadow camping area).

  7. Paul says:

    (6) – What is your source on this ? Satellite image? News media? Recent visit to the area?

  8. FoolsGold says:

    High velocity impact into steep terrain.
    Post Crash fire indicating fuel was onboard.
    Propeller not believed to be found yet but will likely show evidence of engine developing power at time of impact.
    No survival of impact forces.
    Pilot indicated he would fly a certain route (following a highway) and apparently did so, deviating only to look at one of the 14,000 foot peaks he had not yet climbed.
    Storm clouds and trecherous winds believed to have been well after the scheduled lunch appointment in Nevada.
    Pilot skills and health excellent.
    Possible bird strike given eagles known to be in the area.
    Search efforts limited by excessive weight given to ranch hand’s observations and generalized belief that he was down somewhere near the airport.

  9. FoolsGold says:

    Combining the reports of high noise levels, improper control settings for the situation, inverted attitude and the general loss of piloting skills, it has been theorized that a leaky muffler fed carbon monoxide fumes into the cabin via the cabin heater apparatus.

    Plausible. No way to determine monoxide exposure without tissue though.

  10. FoolsGold says:

    Two large human bones located one-half mile from crash site. Bone distribution believed to be due to the attention of animals. Unlike earlier bone findings, these are clearly large enough to contain sufficient material for dna testing and are clearly human bones.

  11. FoolsGold says:

    DNA tests confirm bones as those of Fossett.
    At long last the senseless speculation of an arranged disappearance can cease.

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