Two Manitoba Women Missing in separate incidents

Searchers are with very few clues in two Manitoba Canada missing persons cases, trying to find a point of last known location for women missing in Manitoba -Teenager Jennifer Cacheway for several months and Amber McFarland for almost two weeks:

Manitoba Search and Rescue Association on Saturday to look for Amber McFarland, 24, and Jennifer Catcheway, 18, both of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

More about the missing women.

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4 Responses to Two Manitoba Women Missing in separate incidents

  1. FoolsGold says:

    It would seem that except for some geographical proximity the two cases bear absolutely no relationship to each other. A teenage girl last seen with two particular suspects versus a woman last seen with a boyfriend. Police already have persons they are focusing on but so far have insufficient evidence yet are plodding onward.

    Well, its good to avoid searching the same ground twice, so coordinating the searches is good, but the cases are clearly not related.

  2. heard this one person say THEYLL never find out where we buried her ,meaning jennifer catchaway.this kids named quinto krawl from grand rapids

    • JoeDuck says:

      Wilfred you need to contact the police about this ASAP though it appears you are talking about cartoon character Quinto Krall?

    • mel says:

      how can u sleep at night knowing this… there is a $20000 reward for any information wilfred not only that but its the right thing to do both these girls are good friends of mine n i want nothing more than to find them they both come from unbelievable loving homes with greats parents family n friends all we need is alil clouser do the right thing man!!!!

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