Mount Hood Climbers rescued

Oregonlive has this report about eight climbers on Mount Hood, Oregon.  Looks like a good outcome.

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  1. glenn says:

    They still have to get to the remaining three and exposure is still a very real threat in those conditions.

    However, it does seem this will turn out to be a very positive ending. It is amazing how a simple device like the locator has dramatically increased their odds of being located and ultimately surviving.

    The devices should be mandatory for anyone climbing that expects a rescue and not just one per group – redundancy is key.

    Makes you wonder about the earlier Kelly James Mount Hood tragedy – what could have been different if they had locators?

    I know it is Monday morning quarterbacking but now we have a benchmark result based on the locators that could be used for further analysis.

    In the Kelly James scenario if they had the locators would the other two have even risked descent if they knew the locator would lead rescue to them? Would their chances of survival increased if all three stayed put?

    Having companions certainly would improve the emotional and mental state and the giving up feeling would be more contained.

    I also understand the weather was truly horrendous during the Kelly James scenario however with the brief periods of calm and a locator in place, I would think at a minimum critical survival supplies could have been dropped to them.

    Good lessons to be learned from all of this.

  2. Joe Duck says:

    Glenn I think the cell phone was operational in this case so not sure if the locators “saved them”, though I agree you can make a strong case for requiring locators for all climbers. [correction – most reports credit the locators plus the warm dog for saving the Mount Hood climbers]

    National news is reporting they are bringing them down now to meet a snow cat and their condition appears to be OK.

    What a nice outcome compared to the earlier Mount Hood ordeal.

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