Find Chelsea King – last seen jogging in Poway California near San Diego CA.

Update:  It appears Chelsea King was murdered – our condolences to the family.

California Teenager Chelsea King was last seen out running in San Diego.

This  appears to be a stranger abduction.

You can help the family find her by checking in here and following the information at Facebook and Twitter:

There appears to be a lot of activity on Twitter and Facebook about this case so this will be something of a test of how effectively social media can spread the word.    In a case like this I’d be more optimistic about the use of mass media targeted to the region where the victims were last seen than social media, but it probably can’t hurt unless the family gets a lot of spurious sightings.    That was a challenge with the James Kim family here in Southern Oregon where bogus sightings sucked some of the resources away from the search, and distracted officials from the real data that eventually helped find the Kims.

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