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As an Oregon local blogging the Kim Family search here in Southern Oregon it became clear that it might be helpful for search efforts to have more *simple* ways to distribute and share data, leads, and perhaps even harness the power of the collective intelligence of the huge online community.

Thanks to the Kim’s family friends, especially Scott, a website called JamesandKati.com served as a comment area and sort of “watering hole” for the enormous number of people checking in to follow that story. Even my blog “Joe Duck”, became a heavily trafficked news and opinion resource for many as mainstream media struggled to cover the story accurately.

After the heroic rescue of Kati and the children and the tragic death of James Kim many of the officials and volunteers involved in the search began to post at the blog which quickly became it’s own community.

Input from several experts in computer and mapping led to the idea that a blog and database might be created to help with Search and Rescue and Missing persons. The idea was to use online tools to enhance and help with the search efforts and more quickly spread the word on cases.

This blog is a very experimental effort to help.

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  1. Eric Bateman says:

    My priest friend and his friend are missing – haven’t been seen in 2 weeks – last seen in Portland. Here is the news article on them. It has license plate from car and possible location of where they might be missing:

    OPB News

    Portland Police Searching For Missing California Couple

    By Kristian Foden-Vencil

    PORTLAND, OR 2007-06-20 Police are looking for two visitors from California who were last seen at a Portland hotel two weeks ago. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.


    Cheryl Gibbs is a 61-year-old government employee from Alameda County. David Schwartz is a 52-year-old Jesuit priest from Orange County. They’ve been friends for the last 20 years.

    Portland Police Sergeant Brian Schmautz says after being seen at a Portland hotel, they never booked-in to their other destinations and they never returned home.

    Brian Schmautz: “We know from the hotel room that all their personal belongings were there — with the exception of the kinds of things that the person would take for a day trip, like, for example, their wallets are with them. The car’s gone. They’re gone. They apparently love to hike. There’s nothing in the room that would suggest that foul play is an issue. There’s nothing that we can find from family that would suggest foul play is an issue.”

    Schmautz says they’re concerned the pair may have taken a day trip to Mt Hood, Mt St Helens or the beach and become stranded. They were in a maroon, four-door, 2005 Toyota Corolla, with California license plate 5MKN560.

    © Copyright 2007, OPB

  2. Jeff Miller says:

    New blog dedicated to anonymous messages to and from the disappeared.


  3. Rodney G says:

    Hi Joe. I’m a visitor from back in the James Kim days. A guy from my hometown went missing over a month ago. It probably won’t help, but could you post the story? It definitely brings back memories of the Kim family — with the phone signals, the line-of-sight map, the logging roads. http://www.jeremygriess.com/ Thanks.

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